THE NUTRITION BEAUTICIAN – Sydney based natural Beauty Therapist, Health Coach & Nutritionist


Hi Beauties,

My name is Elizabeth Macauley and I’m a natural Beauty Therapist, Health Coach and Nutritionist in Sydney who has a passion for creating natural beauty products and services using organic foods.  I work as a Beauty Therapist in a Day Spa in Balmain where I offer a variety of natural beauty treatments. Natural beauty therapy is my passion and I believe that the secrets to health and beauty can be found in nature. I specialise in Food Facials, which involves the topical application of a variety of organic, unprocessed foods to create beautiful skin and improve a variety of skin concerns. I also perform natural body treatments by applying foods to the body to exfoliate, nourish and hydrate the skin. One of my specialties is a natural hair removal technique called ‘Sugaring’ which is a safe, effective and natural alternative to waxing. I believe that we shouldn’t put anything on our skin that is not safe enough to eat. As a Health Coach I advise my clients about which foods to incorporate into their diet to achieve a glowing complexion from the inside out and improve their overall wellbeing. My goal is to inspire women to love themselves and embrace the power of food to enhance their health, happiness and authentic beauty and educate them on how they can make their own natural skincare with ingredients that they can find in their own kitchen.


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