“I am 21 years old and have never actively treated my skin. Elizabeth gave me my first ever facial and it was an inspiring experience. The aroma of the food products enticed me from the beginning of the treatment and left my skin feeling better than I have ever remembered it being. Her knowledge as a Nutritionist made me feel secure and relaxed. I highly recommend Elizabeth and her Food Facials to everybody”

– Taylor Daley-Case


“If you can imagine having the healing and therapeutic hands of a beautiful therapist applying all of these different foods, a candle lit room, gentle music and warm towels you will probably get the same sense of calm and yumminess I did! Please follow gorgeous Liz… she is amazing. I am so honoured to have experienced this – it will be something I talk about for some time!”

– Kim Morrison, Director of Twenty 8 Essentials

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“After experiencing my first holistic Food Facial, I don’t think I’d bother with a typical facial with products formulated by cosmetic chemists. The Food Facial was both succulent and mouth-watering, and I truly felt like my skin was being fed from the outside. Hearing and smelling the raw products being prepared added to the sensory experience. I also loved learning about the nutritional benefit of each ingredient. No prefabricated ingredients were anywhere in sight! Most facials leave me looking puffy and feeling sluggish and over-cleansed, however my Food Facial left me feeling and looking revitalized”

– Leonie Macpherson


“From the moment I was welcomed into the treatment room where Elizabeth had her Food Facial ingredients prepared and ready to apply on my skin, I felt amazed with her efforts and knew it would be a fun Facial. She did a consultation with me and I felt assured she would give me the proper treatment to focus on my needs. It was tasty to say the least. Her therapeutic hands really nurtured me during my 75 minutes of bliss. I highly recommend it!”

– Angela Dimovski


“Due to having sensitive skin, I’ve tended to avoid having facials as I was worried about my skin reacting to the products. As my skin is beginning to age, my ‘effortless’ look isn’t cutting it anymore so I decided to try a Food Facial. From the moment I walked into the treatment room I knew I had made the right choice. The smell was heavenly and catching a glimpse of the fresh food on display peaked my curiosity of what was to come. After a quick consultation, my lovely therapist had me comfortably reclined on the table and we were underway. Each step of the treatment was delivered with a nurturing touch. As she described each ingredient that was being used, I was tempted to ask for a taste! Luckily, I was treated to a divine lip scrub, which I would love to have the recipe for. After the treatment I blissfully floated out the door. Do yourself a favour and book in for this amazing treatment. Oh, and my skin looked and felt divine, with no irritations or breakouts. I’ll be back for more!”

– Sally Wright


“A completely unique and luscious experience! Everything felt fresh and smelled divine. Elizabeth had an amazing knowledge on what would work well for my skin and a beautiful touch to go with it. Nearly a week later my usually oily skin still felt smooth and had less shine. It is definitely an experience that I would love to repeat again and one I would recommend to everyone”

– Kiandra Guerreiro


“This organic Food Facial worked wonders on my dark spots and the results were even greater the day after”

– Florence Biancardi


“I had the most beautiful facial experience with Liz. She used specific food ingredients that matched my skin type and there was no doubt my skin was glowing afterwards. The food she used on my skin gave out a delicious aroma and I felt very nurtured! Thank you Liz!”

– Jasmin Watts


“The Food Facial is by far one of the most unique and effective facials I have ever had. My skin looked absolutely amazing afterwards and I kept getting comments as to what I had done. The whole experience makes you want to be healthy. Thank you Liz, you have hands of heaven –  I will definitely be seeing you again.”

– Claire McCauley


“A truly unique and indulgent experience! Elizabeth’s organic Food Facials are not only relaxing, they are results based and include only pure and natural ingredients. I absolutely loved my treatment and highly recommend it to anybody. Elizabeth tailors all ingredients to suit your needs and informs you of the amazing benefits of each food that she uses”

– Emily Grimmer


“I had a Food Facial with Elizabeth and it was an amazing and relaxing experience. My skin glowed afterwards. She was brilliant and did a wonderful job selecting and preparing the mixtures from fresh raw food. All the ingredients are lovely and feel very nice on the skin and the smell is just beautiful. This was a fantastic experience that l totally recommend to everyone”

– Mazita Aziz


“My food facial with Liz was utterly delightful! I felt like my skin was fed from the outside in. The various textures, aromas and different sensations brought about a feeling of tranquillity yet aliveness within my skin and my spirit. I recommend you try it for yourself to truly appreciate its benefits and decadence. Thank you so much beautiful Liz for such a lovely experience”

– Arezoo Mazloomi


“It was with some trepidation that I entered the softly lit room and lay down on the bed to have my first facial in over 20 years. Elizabeth listened to my skin history and encouraged me to give feedback whenever I felt I needed to throughout the treatment. You see, I’ve got very challenging skin. I have extensive sun damage and my skin seems to be allergic to most products, so over the years I’ve been very cautious when it comes to caring for my skin. All I can say is; it was WONDERFUL! My skin loved the foods that were used and my skin responded well, so much so that I got a number of comments over the next couple of day about how I was glowing. I would highly recommend Elizabeth and her Food Facials, particularly to anyone who has challenging skin”

–  Jo Gifford


“Liz’s Food Facial was an absolute dream! She really takes care of you and tailors the facial to your needs. The foods she used on my skin were so tasty. I found it fascinating learning about how these organic foods can be used for skincare and will continue to use them at home. Liz is gentle and caring and even put me to sleep with a gorgeous massage as part of the whole experience. I am someone who has had a history of skin problems and I walked away glowing. I never go out in public without make up but that afternoon I did. I highly recommend Liz’s Food Facials and will continue to look after my skin in that way”

– Eloise Snape 


“The most unique and beautiful facial I have ever experienced! After the Food Facial my skin glowed and it looked and felt revitalised. I loved how Elizabeth tailored the facial to my skin type and described what she was doing at each stage of the treatment. She even gave me some tips for natural skin care to make at home.  I especially loved the pure cacao butter face and lip moisturiser at the end, yum! I highly recommend this facial to everyone.”

– Carmen Huehn


“Liz’s Food Facial was an experience like no other! It doesn’t get more natural than this. I love food and I love facials and she worked her magic to give me a wonderful treatment. The combinations used throughout the facial were good enough to eat – literally! I felt pampered and my skin has been glowing ever since. I highly recommend this treatment! Thank you Liz, I will definitely be back!”

– Lucille Forster 


“The Nutrition Beautician has the most beautiful energy and besides nourishing your skin, she takes the time to explain all of the benefits of what she is putting on your face. So besides being nurtured and nourished, the whole experience is completely free of toxins and is waste free. Lizzy makes everything up on the spot from whole raw ingredients, so no need for nasty preservatives.”

– Lyn Manor